WP Maintenance Tools – Best 3 Coming Soon Page Plugin Reviews for WordPress


When you launch a new WP site, or while updating the existing web pages, it is better to display a ‘coming soon page’, so that your visitors need not see the irrelevant parked landing page or 404 errors. You can use these temporary pages to convey specific messages to your visitors, and make them feel excited about what you have in store for them.

These temporary pages can be used in 2 modes as per you website needs –

  • Coming Soon Mode
  • Maintenance Mode

Most of the WP coming soon plugins have both these modes, and allow you to choose. Below is a quick review on 3 of the most reliable WP maintenance and coming soon plugin tools.

UnderConstructionPage [Rating – 4.8/5]

Use the WordPress admin panel to download, install, and activate the UCP plugin. In settings, there are 5 tabs, which allow you to control the looks of the maintenance page.

  1. Main – The most important button, which places the site under construction mode. It hides the content of the whole site behind the maintenance page. After you complete the modification, just click on the button and your entire site will be visible to the visitors. Setting of time and date allows for automatic removal of the page. A great feature to create coming soon page.
  2. Design – You get to choose from more than 20 templates and users get two new designs every month for FREE! You can change the templates margins, fonts, and colors or write your CSS code to make changes.
  3. Content – Write a customized title, description, headlines, and message in the content area. Using the WP editor, media files can also be added.
  4. Access – Maintenance page is for visitors but admins will need to access those pages, so you can choose the user rights to give access.
  5. Support – You get linked to support forums as well as you can directly contact the developer team to help troubleshoot issues.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode [Rating – 4.4/5.0]

CMP offers a great balance between ease and customization. It features a countdown theme, which can be completed with customized background, logo, timer, headline, email form, message, footer notes, and social icons.

The text font can also be changed to any fonts available from Google. If you don’t desire the time limit, just disable it. It has in-built checks, tests, and guidelines, which allows great SEO setup and thus help to top search engine result list.

Maintenance [Rating – 4.3/5.0]

The maintenance plugin has a simple and clean interface. All the basic features needed to build under construction page to notify the target audience about the temporary inconvenience can be created.

The interesting features of the Maintenance plugin include unlimited color configuration, custom-logo upload, Google Analytics, HTML/CSS retina ready layout, background effects, customize title and headline, etc.

You can even exclude selected pages from the maintenance mode. Leads and subscribers can be easily collected via opt-in boxes. MailOptin is integrated with auto-responder services to collect emails and send automatic replies.


If you desire to create a coming soon page quickly and don’t desire any upgraded features then Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is well-rated. Even its free version offers basic features. For extra features like forms, social media icons, etc. choose the UnderConstructionPage plugin.

With the Maintenance plugin, you can create great landing pages. Instead of removing the page later, you can also use WordPress redirects to send visitors to the new page. That way you will not have to lose any visitors coming to your WP site.



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