Why readers are not attracted to your blog and how to fix it

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Every blogger tries one’s best to attract as much traffic as possible. Traffic is the only way a blogger could make money. But no matter how hard some bloggers try, they still do not get much traffic. They try different methods like SEO and SMM, but nothing works for them much. What could be the potential reason for this?

Why people are not attracted to your blog

There could be a lot of reasons why most of the people are not feeling attracted to your blog. Some of them are:

  • One of the main reasons is that your ads are not attractive enough. If your ad is not appealing to the audience, they are less likely to click on it and visit your blog.
  • Another reason is that you are not optimizing your content for readability. It is hard to read your content. You are stuffing words too much.
  • You should also research what your competitors are doing to generate traffic. Maybe you are doing something wrong there. You need to find your flaws and fix them.
  • Another reason is that your content is getting irrelevant or obsolete. No one is interested in reading something that they already know.

How can you fix all this?

You can fix all these issues.

  • Optimize your ads. Hire someone who could design better ads so people would feel attracted to them.
  • Use SEO tools to make your content more readable.
  • Keep learning and researching. Find out what’s in trend and write about it. Provide new information to the people.

Hire an expert for the SEO

You should consider hiring an SEO company[บริษัท ทำ seo, which is the term in Thai] to help you with SEO. They would also help you with the content and provide quality backlinks.

Follow these steps to start attracting more people to your blog.


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