Why are SSL Certificates Important in Today’s World?

The current knowledge economy is all about the constant exchange of information and data across the web. This means more need for security of such information, especially the sensitive ones. That is why security certificates like SSL. It ensures the security of information exchanged across the global network. It helps protect the privacy and integrity of critical data on your website as well as for your site visitors. Here are the main reasons why SSL certificates are indispensable than ever before-

Data protection

The key idea of an SSL certificate is to protect the communication between the client and the server. On installation, it activates a padlock-like mechanism and sends information in an encrypted format, which can only be accessed by the destination server, using a key. Thus the data the user sends is only opened by the intended recipient and escapes unauthorized access. This is more valid for sites dealing with bank account details, credit card numbers, passwords, etc. The encryption technology of SSL certificates is hard to bypass by hackers, and thus, the client data always remains safe.

Affirmation of site identity

A site with an SSL certificate is authenticated and validated by search engines. It means that the site is secure to be browsed without worrying about comprising on information safety. Whenever an SSL certificate is installed, the website undergoes a validation process, initiated by a third-party called Certificate Authority. Depending on the certificate type, the CA then verifies the identity of the website and its respective business. Once approved, the website gets ‘trust indicators’ confirming its identity. So when any user accesses the site, they know if the site is genuine or not. Thus, SSL helps prevents threats like Phishing, which uses fake websites to source user information.

Better Search Engine Ranking

In 2018, Google passed a mandate requiring all websites using Chrome, to include their SSL certificates. This is indicated by the letter ‘S’ in the URL pretext – ‘https.’ To enable this, Google changed its search algorithm to ensure only certified websites to be ranked. As such, any other site without an SSL certificate will not be ranked in the search results. This eventually helps boost the site SEO.

Helps with payment gateway requirements

If your website is dealing with online payments, then you must follow the regulations set by the payment card industry. The authorities make it mandatory for a site to have an SSL certificate, as one of their eligibility criteria.

Betters Customer Trust

Besides all technical and functional advantages, SSL certificates on a website instill trust in the customer. Knowing that their information will be safe makes them trust the business and keep coming back. This eventually leads to better customer loyalty and thus, business.

On a parting note…

There is no second thought on the fact that website security is the most vital aspect of your business. SSL adds to that measure. These certificates can be easily installed with the help of a reliable web host. Ask your Cloud Hosting Provider for SSL certificate provisions and ensure your site and your client’s data safety at all times.



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