What is Adobe Forms for SAP? Why it is a crucial element for developers

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SAP Adobe FormCalc is a technology for forms development. Adobe was introduced in 2005. Earlier, SAP and Adobe began working together. With the help of Adobe Forms for SAP, forms can be created in companies, filled out, output as print forms, displayed on the screen as a PDF file, or even sent. Such forms include orders, purchase orders, and invoices. Adobe online forms read the associated transaction data from the SAP system. The application then displays the data in the desired and predefined form as a print form. It is also possible to enter data in forms.

What more to know

SAP Interactive Form Calc is the successor to SAP script and Smart Forms. The technology surpasses its two predecessors in many areas such as design and performance. When using Adobe Forms for SAP, there is a clear division of programming and design. Furthermore, SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe provides a variety of features and tools that help you design forms easily. For instance, users can are able to use a range of ready-made templates.

Forms can also be customized by form developers using their programming. It is possible in the two script languages JavaScript or Adobe Form calc. In order to use Adobe Forms for SAP, a Java stack must first be installed in SAP Basis. Besides, developers should configure Adobe Document Service. Adobe Live Cycle Designer must also be installed separately because the application runs on Windows.

What are the advantages?

Adobe Forms for SAP has several advantages. These include –

  • Strict separation between programming and design,
  • Significant time saving when creating forms,
  • Development of interactive forms possible,
  • Convenient, generally easy-to-use designer,
  • TrueType fonts can be used without upload,
  • Good performance, contemporary interface,
  • Another possibility is users get access to the forms at anytime, anywhere and from any device.

The characteristics of Adobe Forms

SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe Software has features and functions that differentiate it from SAP script and Smart Forms. Clear separation of layout and data is one of the biggest benefits. Printing forms is also easier and more secure because the output of print forms is now independent of the printer used. This reduces the error rate and costs. Furthermore, the graphical editor should be mentioned. 

It is true that Smart Forms in Software already has a simple graphical editor. Similar to Smart Forms, data can be transferred to forms simply by dragging and dropping. Symbols and graphics facilitate operation. Changes can also be made more quickly – users can simply move certain elements on the form with the help of the mouse.

What is SAP script? What is Smart Forms?

SAP script is oldest forms development technology. SAP script was released in the early 1970 with the introduction of SAP R/2. Today, the technology is considered obsolete and is no longer being developed. New forms should therefore no longer be created in SAP script today. However, companies still use SAP script for form development today, which speaks for the quality of the technology. Smart Forms is already a comparatively modern, comfortable development tool for windows. For the first time, Smart Forms separates data retrieval from data preparation.