What are the Applications to Edit an Image on Mac?


If you are a photo editing professional and you have a Mac, you are sure to ask yourself what the best programs to edit photographs are. Currently, there are many alternatives both in the Mac App Store and on the network, but the fact is that very few are found with a zero cost and professional quality.

In this article, we will try to compile the best applications to edit photographs in macOS, so you can see that there are many possible alternatives to try out.

  • Photolemur

Whether you are a professional or a beginner in photo editing, no doubt, Photolemur is an application that must be on your Mac. If you are a beginner or amateur in this field, you have numerous filters and self-executions of visual corrections that are incredible.

If you are a professional, you won’t want to miss this tool because you will have layers of editing, color editing, light, detail, vignette, etc. In addition, you can also use artificial intelligence to adjust exposure and white balance. Visit to learn more.

  • Affinity Photo

One of the best applications that we can find in macOS to edit photographs without a doubt is Affinity Photo. To give you an idea, this program faces directly with the Adobe suite, matching Photoshop, so you can imagine the quality of work you can have.

Also, unlike Photoshop that currently does not include an official version of its application in iOS, Affinity Photo incorporates an app compatible with the iPad so you can edit like a professional, thanks to the Apple Pencil.

  • Pixelmator

We have Pixelmator. This photo editing Software Defined Perimeter is designed for a much more professional user because it includes many more photo editing tools and has an iOS application that will allow us to continue our work on another platform such as an iPad Pro.


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