Types of servers and everything you need to know


We all know that the world is heading towards a completely digital approach. All sectors are taking their business in digital work. From selling shoes to even providing university lectures, all are taking place on the internet. Hence, if you have a business and need to expand it, then taking your business online is one of the best options. 

But how do you start your online business? The first thing is obviously you will need a website. But before starting to develop a website first thing is you need to decide on which server your website is going to be hosted on. Confused? 

Yes, when it comes to selecting cheap servers and domains, it might be difficult for a layman to understand the roles of servers on your website.

Let’s break it down

A server is like a huge Pendrive in which you save all your data. Any website contains loads of data. The more pages you have on your website, the more data it contains. So, where do all these data get stored? The website data are stored on servers. There are many kinds of servers, and as per your business need and the level of traffic you are expecting, you need to select the server. 

Shared Server

Servers are expensive and for startups and new businesses, it is difficult to get a server of their website only. Therefore, to reduce the cost, web hosting companies have introduced shared server plans where you can share a server with other websites as well. The cost of the server is divided among the website which is hosted in this server. 

If you have a blogging website or a static one, then the shared server is the best option. 

Dedicated server

If you have an eCommerce website and expect huge traffic, then you can get your own dedicated server. In a dedicated server, you do not have to share the server with anyone else. This server will be completely yours. Although these servers are expensive, they are secured and fast as you will be only using it. 

These are 2 main kinds of servers which you can opt when developing a website. 


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