Time To Build Your Own Transmission And Also Your Own Website

Will you, being a busy business owner, ever consider DIYing a severely complicated, time-consuming, and demanding project, like building a car’s transmission? Of course not. You don’t want to waste your time doing something you are not good at. Then why do you think building your business website yourself would be a great idea? 

Web development shares the same level of complexity as that of building a car’s transmission. It is equally demanding, time-consuming, and requires dedicated skills to yield profitable results. 

Just like a car’s transmission that was DIYed by an unskilled person will likely not work properly, a website built by anyone other than a web developer is not likely to result in your business’s growth. 

Most homemade websites fail to perform because they lack the features that are critical for a business website. One such feature is web security. You may not know enough about web security protocols and may not activate them when creating your website. As a result, you will end up with a domain that is at risk of security breaches, which could, in turn, have severe consequences for your business and its reputation. 

Furthermore, without an understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), you may create and launch a website successfully, but it will lack the features like design, structure, fast site load speed, etc., that are critical for it to rank high in the search results. And a website that does not rank rarely sees any visitors, which means fewer sales and slower growth. 

If you are still unsure whether to DIY your website or hire a professional for it, do some research. Find out why a business, for example, one that is looking for web development in NJ, would rely on a professional web development company in New Jersey to design and develop their website.  

Landau Consulting, an NJ small business web design company, offers web design and development services and has shared, in this infographic, some of the downsides of homemade websites that compel smart businesspeople to avoid taking the DIY web development route. You may want to start your research from here. 



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