The Overview Of Dell Power Vault Lto6 External Tape Drive

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The Dell PowerVault LTO tape drive is engineered to deliver superior performance and reliability. The LTO tape drive family delivers a wide range of capacity options ranging from 400GB to 6TB per cartridge for different data protection needs. Capable of transferring data at up to 6 GB/sec, the PowerVault LTO tape drive family provides industry-leading performance without compromising storage capacity.

The Dell PowerVault LTO6 External Tape Drive has been designed and tested for compatibility with all versions of PowerVault storage systems from IBM, including the T30, N50, and N40. It’s the same design as our popular PowerVault LTO-4, reengineered to accommodate higher capacity cartridges up to 2.5 TB native (960GB compressed) and up to 576 GB tape drive stores effortlessly up to 2.5TB of data natively on a single tape cartridge. 

This makes it perfect for high-volume enterprises and hosting environments while integrating into existing infrastructure with ease. In addition, the next generation 6Gb/s SAS interface enables the PowerVault LTO-6 to seek times of less than 4.0 seconds, increase transfer rates by up to 20% over previous generation drives, and boast innovative monitoring features such as built-in diagnostics, DDS2, and WORM support.

Value For Money

The Dell PowerVault LTO6 External Tape Drive provides an economical, reliable solution for storing data to tapes with capacities up to 6.25TB. Although it can store more than five times the amount of data of previous generations, this high capacity, the fast device meets demanding backup and restore needs at a value price. As a result, the PowerVault LTO6 tape drive can help you meet the cost-effective management of growing enterprise data storage needs now and into the future.

Added Protection

The Dell Power Vault LTO6 External Tape drive is the industry’s first drive with WORM functionality, which helps protect sensitive information by enabling users to retrieve, read and print the data as needed while preventing unauthorized users from altering data. Moreover, with an LTO Generation 2 tape drive, transfer rates are up to four times faster than previous LTO technology.

Tape can be an attractive alternative to other forms of storage for applications that require extremely high performance or archival data, and organizations are turning to tape again as they re-evaluate their total cost of ownership. Dell’s PowerVault LTO6 external tape drive delivers the capacity, performance and supports the latest LTO technology in various products to meet any budget.