Successful Stories from TEFL Teachers in Peru

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in Peru is an excellent opportunity for those who want to experience a new culture, learn Spanish, and make a difference in the lives of Peruvian students. Peru is a country rich in history, with stunning landscapes, diverse cuisine, and friendly people. With its booming tourism industry, many Peruvians seek to improve their English language skills to meet the demands of the industry. As a result, Peru has a high demand for TEFL teachers and offers many opportunities for both novice and experienced teachers. Thus, if you’re looking for an exciting new adventure with rewarding teaching experiences, then consider TEFL in Peru as your next big step.

1) Requirements to Teach in Peru:

The Peruvian government requires that TEFL teachers have a bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certificate. Experience in teaching or a background in education is also beneficial. The ideal candidate is someone who’s adaptable, creative, and loves teaching. English teaching jobs in Peru are typically found in private language schools, international schools, and universities. Some schools may require a work visa before starting, which can take some time and effort to obtain.

2) Benefits of Teaching in Peru:

One of the significant benefits of teaching in Peru is the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the Peruvian culture. You can explore unique destinations such as Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and the Amazon Rainforest. Additionally, Peruvian cuisine is among the best in the world, with diverse dishes such as ceviche, lomosaltado, and anticuchos. Another benefit of teaching in Peru is the low cost of living, which enables you to save money or travel around the country. Lastly, Peruvians are friendly people who appreciate foreigners and are happy to help you in any way possible.

3) TEFL Courses in Peru:

If you’re unsure if TEFL in Peru is right for you, you can test the waters with a TEFL course. There are several TEFL course providers in Peru that offer courses ranging from 4 to 16 weeks. The course usually includes teaching practice, language learning, cultural activities, and a certificate upon completion. Notably, some courses provide job placement assistance.

4) Teaching English Online from Peru:

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many language schools and businesses in Peru have shifted to remote or hybrid learning. As a result, it’s possible to teach English online from Peru to students worldwide. Online teaching has several benefits, such as flexibility, no commute, and a broader student reach. However, online teaching may require a strong internet connection and familiarity with online teaching platforms.

5) Tips for TEFL Teachers in Peru:

If you plan to teach English in Peru, here are some helpful tips to consider. Firstly, learn some Spanish before arriving; this will help you navigate daily life, connect with locals and enrich your cultural experience. Secondly, research your teaching destination thoroughly, understand the local customs and cultural differences, and be prepared to adapt. Thirdly, be respectful and approachable with your students and colleagues; this will help you establish positive relationships in the workplace. Lastly, be open-minded, embrace new experiences, and appreciate the beauty of Peru beyond the classroom.


In conclusion, TEFL in Peru is a rewarding experience that offers an opportunity for personal and professional growth. The demand for English language skills in Peru is growing, making TEFL an exciting career path. TEFL teachers in Peru can experience a rich culture, stunning landscapes, diverse cuisine, friendly people, and low cost of living. It’s crucial to meet the necessary requirements, research your teaching destination, and be prepared to adapt to a new teaching environment. By following these tips, you’re sure to have a successful TEFL experience in Peru.

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