Small business 101: Prevent password hacking attempts with these tips!

Contrary to many small business owners and entrepreneurs would like to believe, cybersecurity is a relevant concern for every enterprise. Hackers want data and information, and for that, they will hack networks, websites, apps, and even IP cameras. Yes, even the DVR systems and IP cameras record considerable amount of sensitive information, which hackers and cybercriminals are interested in. So, how do you reduce cameras hacked and password hacking attempts in general? We have the best tips below that will be handy for every small business. 

Reset default passwords

No matter how easy or convenient this may seem, but never allow your employees to use default passwords for an account. In fact, default passwords have to be reset immediately. The same is true for usernames. Consider changing usernames as quickly as possible. 

Share password creation rules

While there is no rule on how long passwords should be, it is acceptable to have passwords that are at least 12 characters long. Experts agree that 8-character passwords are no longer enough. Also, a password needs to be strong, for which use of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and special characters is necessary. Make sure that no two passwords are the same, and never use similar or old passwords for two accounts. 

Create multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication basically means that the user will have to use another form of authentication rather than just using the password. For instance, the user may have to use his/her fingerprint, answer a security question, or show face for detection. MFA, as it is common called, is ideal for privileged account users and networks that need extra security. 

Ask employees to use password managers

When one employee is entrusted to save and remember dozes of passwords, he is bound to make mistakes. Ensure that a password manager has been recommended to employees, and they should know how to use the same. Educating employees on password protection is necessary, and many small businesses fail on that. You have to encourage the use of a password management tool, and select one that’s reliable and has good reviews.

Use the lockout feature

The lockout feature will basically lock an account, in case someone uses a wrong password for more than a couple of times. This feature is useful for preventing forced entry into systems, and it is possible to get alerts on such attempts. 

Focus on using right passwords, and you can expect to be a step ahead of hackers. 



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