Reason Of Top Currency Such As Litecoin And Ethereum Leading The Market Trends

Various cryptocurrencies are continuously hitting the market soon after the bitcoins gained its ultimate buzz and superiority in the value. Although the rise and fall of all other currencies depend upon the market fluctuations the most popular fight in the present financial market is Litecoin vs. Ethereum. Both of them grabbed the attention of thousands of traders and online financiers all over the world due to the continuous rise in their value and the evidence that hundreds of people turned millionaire overnight due to the rise in either of the currencies.

Functions of those currencies


  • Litecoin is the currency which is generally used for transactions which are its sole function and it is standing by it extremely well from all aspects.
  • Due to the decentralized policy, most people in the market uses this for the transaction as it is an effective way for regular transactions.
  • There are also some moments in which Bitcoin was surpassed by its value. This also has a larger coin supply and faster block rates making it beneficial for the users.
  • Fewer coin mining is also one of the reasons for the rise in its value.


  • Ethereum can empower developers to make decentralized application of any kind.
  • Developing a decentralized application led to the rise of its value in the market besides being flexible to any ecosystem.
  • Although there were some high profile security issues faced in the past, the use of it makes it lead in various aspects.

Apart from the functions, there are several other factors that are strengthening the competition such as user bases of both of them and the transaction efficiency. Meanwhile investing in either of them through different platforms is also equally beneficial as they continue to rise even after minor issues such as slow transaction times and some others. However case studies clearly depict that crypto is the future and the effective means of high returns at present financial market scenario.