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What is the origin of Padayon?

Padayon originated from the land of Visayas which can be traced back to places such as Iloilo and Negros Occidental. It is a Hiligaynon term that means “to continue,” although catchy, this single word means so much more. What does it mean to continue? Is it always looking at the bright side and disregarding the unpleasant?

What is the meaning of Padayon up?

UP President Alfredo Pascual, who is Tagalog, adopted the term as a kind of clarion call for UP, often ending his speeches “Padayon, UP!” to mean “Let’s move forward, UP!” It’s a more dynamic meaning, more like the Tagalog Sulong! or the Tagalog-Spanish Abante!

What is the difference between Padayon and dayon?

padayon: carry on; continue; go ahead; go on; last; maintain; persist; remain; resume Dayón!: Tulóy!

Is Padayon JUD based on a true story?

Padayon Jud brings you good vibes, great news, and pure unadulterated Bisdak pride one true story at a time. Kamo ang inspirasyon. Kami ang mosibya. “Pag lockdown, akoang wife nagtrabaho isip usa ka chief nurse sa Mandaue City Hospital. Wala silay pagkaon sa hospital, so I decided nga mohimo'g burger para sa iyaha para dali…

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