Online Master of business administration Degree in Mobile Technologies

Mobile technologies and social media have altered the way you learn, communicate, interact, buy. You’re done the standard method of advertising, based almost solely on media. This can be a fact.

The birth from the new online media, especially Internet, has marked a pre and post the marketing and persuasive communication. These media have grown to be new media advertising and simultaneously, they’ve transformed another means accustomed to provide us with the publicity.

This postgraduate course is made for students to get the understanding needed to watch or raising both strategically and creatively, promotional initiatives, both on the internet and in a variety of interactive media.

Any professional connected to everything about sales and marketing, conscious of the way the digital world is revolutionizing the making of the marks, you’ll find the program an chance to upgrade and develop their skills result in better strategies that can lead to individuals media.

Train professionals within the marketing communication for his or her brands inside a personal contact and effectively with prospective customers and users.

The technological atmosphere: identification of interactive technologies

Within this module, take notice of the primary characteristics from the different interactive technologies is going to be supporting our marketing campaigns from the web itself, and also the great diversity of content provided, internet television being an area probably to make use of and exploitation that we have seen today, in particular and company level, to interactive television and the field of telephony and cellular devices.

All of the analysis is performed in the outlook during the journalist, noting how it’s performing to date in the market, but particularly with the need for innovation in using different mobile technologies within the service of advertising.



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