How the science fiction of the past had become a reality today?

If you follow earlier science fiction stories you would know that in earlier times it was thought that future machines will all be connected. Well, that future is now. This is to say that in today’s modern world you can very easily get to see that machines and electronic appliances are connected with each other. The medium through which they are generally connected is the internet. Though the medium of connection is the internet, the options available with respect to this medium is however different. One of the most widely used methods to connect an electronic machine is Ethernet. Ethernet is basically a local area network that helps the machines connect with each other. Ethernet, however, requires a mainframe in order to work.

What is gigabit ethernet and how good is it?

Now the most applied form of ethernet can be seen in industries and manufacturing plants. There it is known as the gigabit ethernet. It is because there many heavy machines are connected rather than some normal computers in general Ethernet systems. These gigabit ethernet systems not only help the heavy machines to connect with each other but they also have special scopes for innovation. One of the more sophisticated technologies known as time-sensitive networking can also be implemented on the basic ethernet system. The only thing you need to take notice of is that you need to take care of the mainframe of the ethernet system. It is important because if any fault is generated in the mainframe then it could lead to disasters. However, in order to generate a more automated system of manufacturing and production, you can very easily opt for an ethernet system as the basic system. Once you install the ethernet system, then you can opt for other major forms of automated technologies.

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