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What is an example of a scandal in English?

Noun There was a major scandal involving the mayor's ties with the Mob. Government officials were caught in an embezzlement scandal. Her behavior caused a scandal at school. See More Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Maybe there's some prison scandal and Poppy has the inside scoop on it.

What is Scandall pro?

NOTE: this is an archived page and the content is likely to be out of date. ScandAll PRO is a powerful image capture application, providing customers with the tools needed to produce quality digital image files from paper documents.

How do you use Escándalo in a sentence?

Mi papá montó un escándalo en el cine cuando se negaron a reembolsarle el dinero.My father made a scene at the movie theater when they refused to refund his money. Armó un escándalo en el supermercado cuando vio que le cobraron más de la cuenta.She kicked up a fuss at the grocery store when she saw they were overcharging her.

What happened to scandal?

Scandal started out as a great show. Olivia Pope was a strong female lead commanding everyone around her and then she disappeared and a weak, indecisive, approval seeking wimp moved in. The stories became more and more outlandish and the soap opera sex became front and center.

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