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One of the most cringe-inducing inquiries to hit an exercise support person’s e-post office box in the last couple of years continues to be: “Basically print this tough-drive, the number of pages will that be?”.

Attorneys and paralegals (and extremely any professional employed in their field) usually have labored within the arena of paper and file folders. The work they do-habits and thoughts happen to be tuned using the tangible, and for that reason possess a strong have to convert the ethereal bits & bytes of technology into sheets of unpolluted paper. The finish-product might not have to be actual paper, but getting the conversion ratio enables these to comprehend the scope from the tasks ahead.

The real response to the above mentioned real question is obviously: “This will depend.” However, because the real answer will not attract most attorneys, to follow along with are a few general guidelines on supplying a far more quantified estimate.

All Estimates Are Rough Estimates: First of all, the lawyer ought to be designed to realize that all estimates we offer only will be that: a quote. There’s virtually no way (presently) to acquire a precise DATA to PAGE ratio without having done the particular conversion/printing.

Who & What Exactly Are Important Details: Differing people or applications will generate different page counts. A far greater estimate from the DATA to PAGE ratio could be acquired if you will discover what application and/or department produced the information. Could it have been the Marketing department (meaning more graphic intensive PowerPoint slides, thus a lesser MegaByte to Page ratio)? Or did the information originate from Word Processing (where each file can be a hundred page Word document)? The table below shows some page to document and gigabyte estimates which can provide you with a beginning point:

MS Word = 8 pages per document = 65,000 pages per GB

Outlook = 1-2 pages per document = 100,000 pages per GB

MS Stand out = 50 pages per document = 166,000 pages per GB

Lotus = 50-55 pages per document = 287,500 pages per GB

PowerPoint = 12-15 pages per document = 17,500 pages per GB

Text = 20 pages per document = 678,000 pages per GB

Images = 1-2 pages per document = 15,500 pages per GB

Skip So What Can Be Skipped: Not everything must be processed. Generally the appropriate material are simply your fundamental Microsoft Office documents. Program and system files that do not modify the litigation or deal ought to be eliminated out of your estimates. Have more details in the attorney as she or he might not be conscious that from the entire 80 Gig hard disk just handed for you, possibly only 5 Gigs count reviewing.


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