Earn extra money with your salary by playing 13 cards rummy

It is quite known by now that online rummy is one of the best ways to indulge you in some exciting online games, without visiting the casino. It offers you real experience and that is what makes online rummy options famous today.

Among different rummy variants that are available out there, 13 card rummy is known to be one of the most favorites of the Indian players. It has been there famous among the Indians even before online rummy sites leaped into the market.

Years back, people used to play the game just during free evenings or during festivals. But with the online version has made it possible for the fans to play the game anywhere such as home, while traveling, or even at the office. There are many individuals who play the game at the office to make some extra income apart from their regular salary.

Can you earn extra money with your salary by playing 13 cards rummy?

Today, there are many individuals who prefer to play card games such as 13 card rummy online during break times in place of getting involved in chit chats and other activities. The urge is not just to have fun and get the mind refreshed. It is also about earning extra money. How do you earn money by playing the game?

  • Play by winning:

This is quite obvious that when you win a game or a bet, you earn points as well as rewards for it. So, all you need to do is practice well and beat the opponent on a daily basis to earn a good amount of rewards that can be in cash or in physical items.

  • Bonus Offers:

Different sites offer different bonus prizes from time to time. These can be a weekly bonus, monthly bonuses, or also at times daily. You just need to abide by the regulations well while taking part in the bonus game and play well to win the bonus amount.

  • Festive Offers:

Apart from the bonus offers, a lot of many sites offer different festival bonuses and these can be huge. There are several such examples such as Diwali, Dussehra, New Year, and many others when the sites offer a much bigger bonus prize than the normal days.

How difficult it is to win the prize money?

Of course, with so many people playing at the same time for the prize money, it won’t be that easy. But following a few points can surely help you in winning.

  • Practice makes you perfect. Hence, you should choose sites that offer free sessions to practice. Play with these practice sessions to master the game.

  • Make use of your personality skills. Be patient, make use of your observation skills, analyze well before making a decision.

  • Invest wisely. Until you have not got skilled in the winning strategies, do not invest huge money. Play small and you can soon start earning more.


Rummy variants such as 13 card rummy can actually help you earn money. Get registered at a good site that offers you a good many chances of earning rewards. Also, sharpen your skills with regular practice and you can surely win on a regular basis. When you have mastered the game once, you can surely earn an extra amount along with your regular salary.