SQLite to MySQL: Database migration process


SQLite and MySQL are the two giants of the database management world. Both are Relational Database Management Systems and both use Structured Query Language or SQL to set up databases. SQLite, as the name indicates, is a lighter platform that can handle simple and smaller projects. On the other hand, MySQL is meant for businesses that handle long-term projects with huge amounts of data.

Both platforms are being used widely in the world and both have their own use cases. Depending on the use case, a business might need to migrate to MySQL from SQLite because the latter doesn’t prove useful when your business is constantly growing. SQLite’s inability to handle larger projects makes it necessary to migrate databases to MySQL which is built for this purpose.

SQLite is a simple database management platform that doesn’t utilize servers and runs on its own. The light nature of SQLite makes it very easy to migrate the database to MySQL. An SQLite database is composed of the simplest objects and only requires sufficient time and expertise to be migrated. The task is not hard but it is not short of technicalities. 

SQLite and MySQL are different from each other in the following ways.

  • The INSERT INTO method for escaping strings clauses in the two platforms
  • For the Boolean data type, MySQL utilizes 1 and 0 while SQLite utilizes t and f.

SQLite is a serverless self-sustained platform while MySQL runs on servers. The migration from SQLite to MySQL can be done using different methods. Let’s start with the easiest one.

So, here it goes.

  • First of all, install SQLite3 
  • Dump the SQLite database using the following statement or command

$ echo “.dump archive” | sqlite3 dbtest.sdb > dbtest.sql

  • Create a database in the MySQL platform using the following statement

$ echo “CREATE DATABASE dbtest ” | mysql -u root -p

  • Now, import the dump file created above to the MySQL database

$ sed -e ‘/PRAGMA/d’ -e’s/BEGIN/START/’ -e ‘s/”archive”/archive/’ < dbtest.sql | mysql -u root -p –database=dbtest

The above-given method is only for the SQLite archive consisting of a single table. Because the DDL and INSERT statements are different in SQLite and MySQL, this method will not work for the migration of large or complex SQLite databases.

If the dump method discussed above is not working for you, you can use Python or Perl scripts for easy and automated conversion. Both of these scripts are perfectly capable of converting SQLite databases that have considerable differences with the MySQL standards.

Here is an example of Perl scripts for database conversion.

#! /usr/bin/perl

while ($line = <>){

    if (($line !~ /BEGIN TRANSACTION/) && ($line !~ /COMMIT/) && ($line !~ /sqlite_sequence/) && ($line !~ /CREATE UNIQUE INDEX/)){

        if ($line =~ /CREATE TABLE \”([a-z_]*)\”(.*)/){

            $name = $1;

            $sub = $2;

            $sub =~ s/\”//g;

            $line = “DROP TABLE IF EXISTS $name;\nCREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS $name$sub\n”;


        elsif ($line =~ /INSERT INTO \”([a-z_]*)\”(.*)/){

            $line = “INSERT INTO $1$2\n”;

            $line =~ s/\”/\\\”/g;

            $line =~ s/\”/\’/g;


            $line =~ s/\’\’/\\\’/g;


        $line =~ s/([^\\’])\’t\'(.)/$1THIS_IS_TRUE$2/g;

        $line =~ s/THIS_IS_TRUE/1/g;

        $line =~ s/([^\\’])\’f\'(.)/$1THIS_IS_FALSE$2/g;

        $line =~ s/THIS_IS_FALSE/0/g;


        print $line;



Considering all the factors, the process of SQLite to MySQL conversion is not as easy as it may look. The above methods are prone to failures and a minor mistake in processing can lead to database losses. Here is where the SQLite to MySQL converter developed by Intelligent Converters comes in handy. The software automates the process of conversion and eradicates any risk of losing values, columns, tables, or the whole database. At the time of conversion, it runs a deep relational scan and finds common factors and updates the databases accordingly. You can even transform the data according to your preferences at the time of migration. 

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Why is it important to see a laptop repair expert when laptop software has been malfunctioning?

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You are up to something very important and your laptop starts working oddly. Is it the program that you’re using or your laptop that’s creating an issue? To let you know, most of the problems are associated with software malfunction. So, if your laptop software has been giving challenges to you then wait no more and see an expert for laptop repair at home. This blog will discuss some of the signs of software malfunction along with the solution to get rid of it.

So, let us get started…

Signs of Software Malfunction in Your Laptop

Whenever you see any of the following signs in your laptop, make sure you hire a laptop repair service expert for device checking and repairing.

  • Peripheral commands wrongly interpreted
  • Application command not working
  • Laptop freezes
  • Attachments not opening
  • Pop-up ads
  • Browser working oddly

Now, if you know how to troubleshoot these issues, you can save a lot of time. Go through the next section carefully to know the same.

Professional Laptop Repair at Home: The Best Solution to Laptop Software Problems

To get rid of all the software-related issues in your laptop, the best you can do is hire the laptop repair experts. These people are proficient in their field and know how to tackle such challenges.

When the professionals visit you for the laptop repair service at home, they will thoroughly evaluate the device and take the necessary actions like running a software scan, uninstalling & reinstalling the software, etc. They will provide you with a foolproof solution to your laptop problems.

The experts will quickly, efficiently, and reasonably fix your laptop software issues.

Tip: Whenever you face such issues, do not try to fix them on your own as it can make the situation more complex. It is always best to consult an expert for laptop repair in Delhi or near you.

Additionally, you should never overlook small errors and pop-up adds as it might lead to bigger problems like laptop crash. Therefore, pay attention to every notification that your device gives to you to keep it in a pristine condition for years.


Make sure you hire a licensed company for laptop repair in Delhi for the legit services. Such service providers give the best results irrespective of the complexity of the laptop problems. Not just for software malfunctioning, you must see the experts for any other issue that seems detrimental.

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How To Be A Professional Photographer

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The first step to entering any field is acquiring knowledge, which is no different in the profession of photographer.

Anyone who follows this path must invest in good courses (whether superior, technical, or free). In addition to learning the techniques and developing your photography style, studying will bring you closer to suitable references and help you find professionals who can become good partners in the future.

Also, if you want to work with photography, it is essential to bet on good equipment. Using good cameras, lenses, lighting tools, and editing software will be essential to make your photos even more beautiful and impress your customers. Visit

Areas Of Photography: How To Choose The Ideal

An excellent way to start working with photos professionally is to choose which area of ​​photography you like the most. In this sector, several niches can be explored and, to choose the ideal one, you must consider some factors. The main ones are identical with the area, job offer, and market situation.

Currently, the main areas of photography are: 

  • Product photography: also known as still photography, it is an area of ​​photography in which the professional takes photos of products. It is closely linked to the advertising and publicity market.
  • Fashion photography: in this sector, the photographer needs to have an excellent aesthetic sense to take pictures of models, clothing, and event coverage.
  • Social photography: is the area of ​​photography that caters to social events, such as weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events?
  • Gastronomic photography: trendy in the market, gastronomic photography portrays food. Professionals can be hired by magazines, publishers, websites, and other vehicles in the segment.
  • Photojournalism is the area of ​​photography responsible for recording journalistic events. They are widely used in newspapers, magazines, and news portals.
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What is Adobe Forms for SAP? Why it is a crucial element for developers

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How to create an digital form from a PDF file | Adobe Acrobat DC tutorials

SAP Adobe FormCalc is a technology for forms development. Adobe was introduced in 2005. Earlier, SAP and Adobe began working together. With the help of Adobe Forms for SAP, forms can be created in companies, filled out, output as print forms, displayed on the screen as a PDF file, or even sent. Such forms include orders, purchase orders, and invoices. Adobe online forms read the associated transaction data from the SAP system. The application then displays the data in the desired and predefined form as a print form. It is also possible to enter data in forms.

What more to know

SAP Interactive Form Calc is the successor to SAP script and Smart Forms. The technology surpasses its two predecessors in many areas such as design and performance. When using Adobe Forms for SAP, there is a clear division of programming and design. Furthermore, SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe provides a variety of features and tools that help you design forms easily. For instance, users can are able to use a range of ready-made templates.

Forms can also be customized by form developers using their programming. It is possible in the two script languages JavaScript or Adobe Form calc. In order to use Adobe Forms for SAP, a Java stack must first be installed in SAP Basis. Besides, developers should configure Adobe Document Service. Adobe Live Cycle Designer must also be installed separately because the application runs on Windows.

What are the advantages?

Adobe Forms for SAP has several advantages. These include –

  • Strict separation between programming and design,
  • Significant time saving when creating forms,
  • Development of interactive forms possible,
  • Convenient, generally easy-to-use designer,
  • TrueType fonts can be used without upload,
  • Good performance, contemporary interface,
  • Another possibility is users get access to the forms at anytime, anywhere and from any device.

The characteristics of Adobe Forms

SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe Software has features and functions that differentiate it from SAP script and Smart Forms. Clear separation of layout and data is one of the biggest benefits. Printing forms is also easier and more secure because the output of print forms is now independent of the printer used. This reduces the error rate and costs. Furthermore, the graphical editor should be mentioned. 

It is true that Smart Forms in Software already has a simple graphical editor. Similar to Smart Forms, data can be transferred to forms simply by dragging and dropping. Symbols and graphics facilitate operation. Changes can also be made more quickly – users can simply move certain elements on the form with the help of the mouse.

What is SAP script? What is Smart Forms?

SAP script is oldest forms development technology. SAP script was released in the early 1970 with the introduction of SAP R/2. Today, the technology is considered obsolete and is no longer being developed. New forms should therefore no longer be created in SAP script today. However, companies still use SAP script for form development today, which speaks for the quality of the technology. Smart Forms is already a comparatively modern, comfortable development tool for windows. For the first time, Smart Forms separates data retrieval from data preparation.

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Tips on selecting the best Open-source low code app development platform-tools

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How To Choose The Right Low-Code Development Platform

A Low-code development platform is an application that offers the programming of a Graphical User Interface. It develops the code at a very fast rate & reduces the traditional programming efforts. By minimizing hand-coding efforts, these application helps in the fast development of code. Such platforms not only help with coding but also with the quick setup and deployment.

Whereas, Open source is a word used to refer to something easy to access, inspect, modify and share. Therefore, the code behind Open source low code app development platform tools is publicly accessible. Anyone can check, modify, and distribute the code.

You do not need to write the code line-by-line with these platforms. It offers you to drag and drop the options in the selection boxes. Through this method code, development gets faster. Here are some best tips for selecting open source low code developmental platforms tools such as,

Specify who will develop applications

 Few low code platforms are for software developers and technology professionals. Others are developmental platforms that permit business experts to create applications and keep them maintain. Some platforms support both options, but each one has its owns tools and capabilities. So make sure that the platform you are using must have those tools and capabilities to support your business priorities.

Identify and evaluate multiple use cases

Make sure low code platform must support your company in accelerating application development and creating enhancement easier to support. Your low code platform must know how to balance against the types of applications desired for end-user experiences, data requirements, workflow capabilities, and other considerations.

Define usage requirements and pricing estimates

Low code platforms’ business and pricing models are very different. Some businesses price their platforms based on development scale, which contains metrics such as the number of applications or development seats. Other companies have end-user pricing, so you have to pay more for more application usage or users. Some organizations offer multiple products so that you can purchase them separately, and the majority use capability-based pricing tiers.

Is It Scalable

Make sure that the platform you purchase must be able to rise with you. If you begin with 100 clients, yet immediately you need to add 1000 more, you ought to have the option to do so with no interference of administration or execution. Generally, if the assistance is scalable, you can do this without anyone else’s help with just a few clicks. Try not to purchase something that will not adjust to your prerequisites later on. It could be appropriate now; however, everything will work out just fine over the long run.

Contact us for open source mobile application development platform and mendix vs powerapps vs outsystems vs Wavemaker pricing

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Manufacturing Execution Systems: Mes Monitoring

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What is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) | Siemens Software

MES, which stands for Manufacturing Execution Systems are, software systems that ensure quality and efficiency are incorporated into and enforced proactively and systematically throughout the manufacturing process. MES-Systems connect real production information from different plants, sites, and vendors and interact seamlessly with equipment, controllers, and enterprise business systems. As a result, total control, visibility, and manufacturing optimization of production and processes across the company are achieved.

As innovation accelerates, so does change in flow manufacturing, increasing variability and putting additional strain on operations to maintain high quality levels. Even with clear strategic business aims, manufacturers must be able to make quick, informed judgments in fast-changing operating settings.

  • MES monitoring and synchronise manufacturing processes across globally spread plants, and connect them to the business in real-time for optimal efficiency.
  • MES also give the genuine feedback required to quick identification and fix issues for continuous product and process improvement, as well as process optimization.
  • The paperless manufacturing helps to reduce the scrap and eliminates paperwork errors and redundant checks.
  • MES System enables the modelling as well as the modification of complex processes, as well as their immediate implementation.

A strong MES Monitoring model can handle a wide range of manufacturing industries and processes – the MES can handle very complicated process workflows, large volume automated data collection, make to order, discrete assembly, batch process, rolled goods, and more. Production execution systems are utilised in a variety of batch, discrete and continuous process manufacturing industries, such as semiconductor, medical devices, electronics, automotive, plastics, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, metals, and others.

The software manufacturing with a super flexible platform, that adapts to the users’ business without the usage of bespoke code and has an open SOA architecture for ease of interaction with enterprise applications and shop floor automation.

MES Systems, offer a variety of long-term and short-term benefits, as well as strategic and tactical advantages, such as faster time to volume, greater yields, fewer operating costs, and increased compliance.

Beneficial Aspects MES

  • Remove non-value-added activity.
  • Increase the visibility and control across the manufacturing supply chain in real time.
  • Standardize and enforce processes across all sites in a proactive and systematic manner.
  • Increase the speed of trace analysis, root cause diagnosis, and problem resolution.
  • Quality at a lower cost
  • Improve the product quality and introduce new designs on a regular basis.
  • Make operational and strategic decisions based on the facts.
  • Total command over your manufacturing function.

Why MES, different than ERP?

  1. How is Data Collected and Delivered?

Another distinction is the manner in which reporting is given. Reports for a MES system are available in real–time. An ERP system provides a broad report over a specific time period, such as hours, days, months, or years.

  • Integration of Systems

MES systems are typically connected directly into machines on the manufacturing floor, allowing data to be sent instantly. ERP systems, on the other hand, are not incorporated into devices. It is instead incorporated as software that interacts with business programmes such as CRMs or Customer Relationship Management and the marketing tools.

  • Usefulness

As previously stated, ERP and MES systems fulfil distinct functions in manufacturing operations. An ERP system is primarily concerned with scheduling and quantitative analysis, whereas MES oversees the actual shop–floor processes and operations of your production line in real–time.

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Hiring Services From Managed Security Service Provider

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How to Hire & Evaluate Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) | Digital  Guardian

Many companies are hiring Managed Security Service Provider as it becomes profitable for the business. It becomes difficult to manage IT infrastructure on their own so one needs to hire services from the company as they can concentrate on such services. You can find a lot of facilities from the service providers as they have a set of operations that take care of the requirements of the business.

Data that need to recovery

You can get Managed Service Provider Company in Wisconsin online. You need to search for the best company that can help you to adapt infrastructural according to your requirements. There are technological experts who work for a large number of concerns. They have many developments in their work and field that can help you to bring an effective recovery in a business. The company can effectively deal with major problems that can help to operate properly.

Check the website

The website provides you with all the information regarding their services. It can help you to understand the managed services that you can expect to get from them.  These services are also optimized and it prevents you from a break from regular issues at work. They give technological assistance that people expect as they are very skilled in this area. You can choose to get in touch with each technician that is assigned to work for your company. In the business, it is generally decided to use the service providers.


These services are budget-friendly and do not cost you a lot. You can expect good services within your budget. The tools help the business to boost up performance and earn more profits. It becomes effective to constantly take care of your requirements of the business by hiring such managed support services. There are many companies, you might find it easier to decide and choose the best among them all.

Service solutions

If you hire Manage IT Service Solutions they will be able to monitor the way according to which the hardware and software of the company or the business. It is also important to find security in the data that you use for your business. Each business requires depending on certain technological issues for better hardware and software operations in the business. One of the most effective ways to deliver a good way of networking solution is to hire services from a Managed Service provider company in Wisconsin.  

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Types of Social Media Site

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Social networks might take the form of a selection of tech-enabled tasks. These tasks consist of picture sharing, social PC gaming, blog writing, social media networks, service networks, video sharing, digital worlds, testimonials, as well as a lot more. Also, federal governments and political leaders use social media to engage with constituents as well as voters.

For hiring a social media agency, please visit

For people, social networks are utilized to interact with friends as well as expanded family members. Some people will utilize different social media sites applications to network career opportunities, locate people around the world with similar passions, as well as share their ideas, insights, feelings, as well as emotions. Those that take part in these tasks are part of a virtual social media network.

For businesses, social media is an indispensable tool. Firms utilize the platform to find and involve consumers, drive sales with advertising, as well as scale consumer trends, promotion, as well as supplying customer service or assistance.

Social media site’s duty in helping organizations is substantial. It helps with interaction with clients, enabling the melding of social interactions on shopping sites. Its ability to gather details aids concentrate on advertising and marketing initiatives and market research. It helps in advertising products and services, as it enables the circulation of timely, targeted, as well as special sales and vouchers to potential customers. Additionally, social networks can assist in building client partnerships via commitment programs connected to social media sites.

Instances of Social Network

While social networks have their positive side, many indicate the platform, as well as call out negative attributes, comparing its overuse to an addiction. Some contest it contributes to anxiety, inattentiveness, as well as envy. The National Facility for Biotechnology Info links heavy social media use to clinical depression. Also, oftentimes, social networks might be an avenue for misleading information as well as fraud.

The 2016 American governmental political election has well-documented accounts of the impact of the capacity to spread out incorrect details with the platform. Such a phenomenon leverages the power of social networks, permitting any individual to reach an audience of millions with content that does not have oversight or fact-checking.

To make your company grow in social media, please contact

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Why it is important in the future to use low code cloud ISV banking software?

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For the ease of clients, the common people have begun creating low code cloud ISV banking programming that can be utilized with the comfort of running on practically all PC contraptions. In the language of engineers, they utilize basic coding for this sort of programming that the clients of a bank can undoubtedly comprehend and run on their gadgets.

The essential capacity of this sort of programming is to give a choice to the financial clients to gain admittance to their records and subtleties that they need to keep classified. According to the world’s evolving patterns, individuals have gotten ongoing of taking care of and showing their monetary issue to tipping a few ticks on their gadgets while utilizing distinctive PC devices.

Get numerous benefits of low code programming:

Programmers give uncommon consideration on giving choices of making exchanges, sending bills and paying various sums through their web association and the low code cloud ISV bankingprogramming. Further, clients will decide not to actually go to the bank and have the option to deal with every one of the monetary issues in regards to banking without meeting any financier or visiting a branch.

It’s an obvious fact that banks and all monetary establishments are exceptionally dependent on carefully enhancing their business and changing their innovation. These sorts of developers target the best and the most exceedingly effective methods while conveying pace, dexterity and effortlessness in activities.

Due to the pandemic, many banks are confronting credit misfortunes. It has quieted incomes in a low-premium climate and has given the ascent in advanced just challenger banks and FinTech that takes steps to drive new non-premium plans of action on a cutting edge tech stage. In this basic circumstance, you should move towards the internet banking framework now or later.

Different reasons for using banking low code programming:

To make it straightforward and run, or to effortlessly deal with the monetary issue online through the computerized development and innovation change topic, banks should purchase or assemble low code cloud ISV bankingprogramming, which ought to contain four essential elements or administrations remembered for the product. The first is the API commercial centers, which is progressively turning into the center of computerized banks to grow the range of their licensed innovation, democratize access and cast a wide net.

Different elements that it ought to contain included cloud-local, cloud-based and adjustable. What’s more, it ought to have the alternative of empowering biological systems. For banks that need to run for more, they should accept a universe of participation and establish the framework for administration contributions and plans of action that can drive new worth.

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Practical Opportunities with for IT Security With the Right Professionals

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Six Skills You Need to Succeed in Cybersecurity - Dice Insights

Staying on top of security threats is an increasingly challenging task. Over the last few years, more and more positions now require someone who is not only responsible for the technical implementation, maintenance, and development of security systems, but also someone who is able to analyze threats and incidents. In order to serve as a connecting point between IT security and the company, cybersecurity experts must become effective bridge builders.

In order to assess the risks and potential impacts on IT infrastructure, they must be able to evaluate various business initiatives and their related hazards. Jobs like those of an Information Systems Security Manager are not just held by IT employees. Therefore, employees in other departments will need different attributes and qualities. The cloud it consultants Madison is the perfect choice in this case.

Proficiency in Science and Technology

  • The up-to-date and evolving body of information on IT and security technology, security standards, risks, and present and upcoming trends
  • Application of risk management, especially in big organizations using sophisticated security measures, such as ISO 27000, NIST, OWASP, PCI DSS
  • IT and security certifications, for example, like CISA or CISM

Non-Cognitive Skills:

  • Communication abilities, especially working with individuals who may not have any experience with computers
  • The capacity to solve problems analytically

It is not essential to have expertise in the business in order to learn fast, but you must develop a mindset that encourages quick learning. Employers should look for technical and soft qualities in their applicants as well. Other specialists within the industry, such as cybersecurity experts, should try to develop their knowledge in these areas if required.

Hiring Cybersecurity Professionals

Organizations are doubling down on their digital transformation initiatives and are working hard to enable remote work for their employees. To put everything in perspective, it is absolutely critical to establish and maintain a robust foundation of IT security knowledge. For proper cloud integration this is the best deal.

A new study found that the number of cyber assaults in the United States substantially quadrupled in March 2020, as the country geared up for the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are being pressured to stay current on their systems, repair vulnerabilities, and react swiftly to attacks by malware, ransomware, and phishing sites, as the cybercrime increase has put additional strain on them. For that opt for the Cloud Services here.


Cybersecurity skills demand is already outpacing the number of available applicants. The increased rate of unemployment has produced a wider pool of job applicants. Although this may be the case, according to Robert Half’s salary guide for 2021, firms face significant competition from other organizations that are actively seeking the same high-level professionals to execute important IT activities. Compensation, bonuses, and benefits are critical if you want to attract the best technical personnel.

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