Cake PHP Web Applications Development

I had been quite surprised using what I discovered, and that i desired to make certain which i shared things i had learnt to everyone, to ensure that others in similar positions can usually benefit from the understanding I’ve acquired.

MY Unique Circumstances

I’ve got a small start-up business within the Internet Marketing industry, that has mainly started out blogging about different internet marketing techniques, to assist other companies maximise their earnings. After several enquiries involved others asking me to complete their internet marketing personally, I realized I desired to begin my very own business.

To demonstrate my design talents in addition to my technical expertise I would like this site to best represent my company, although allowing the best first impression for those my visitors. I’m ideally searching for any website design that’s responsive and highly interactive, and it must stick out in the crowd from the other competitors inside the internet marketing sector. It must be in a position to function supremely like a web platform using the possibility to move it into mobile application later on, because it appears like all clients are doing that right now.


So apparently with regards to web design and website design there’s lots of different solutions to select from. Through the looks from it my favorite bet would be to stick to an internet development with an free platform, especially as a number of them can access. Free platforms are ideal for web developments because they permit the developer full accessibility tool package, meaning there are only minimal limitations. Also when i run a small company I’ve only a tiny bit of data to power, so I wouldn’t need the bigger web design platforms like Microsoft.Internet. With regards to free technology, you are able to choose from programmes like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Presta shop, Sugar CRM and a whole lot. One free technology that particularly caught my attention was Cake PHP.


Cake PHP is definitely an free web application framework designed in PHP. It is among the most widely used web database integration solutions, as it possesses a easy and efficient coding platform for security purposes. Additionally, it lessens the costs within project development, its rapid development features elevated productivity. Therefore it time saving over time, and contains flexible development standards. Cake PHP started in April 2005 by polish programmer Michal Tatarynowicz. He initially authored a marginal form of an immediate database integration in PHP naming Cake. After publishing the framework underneath the Durch license, then he permitted the city of developers to get access to it. Initially inspired through the Ruby on Rails technology, today it’s used by lots of companies around the world to supply dynamic web applications for those users.