7 Types of Resume Samples

There are 7 different types of resumes samples which you can consider to use and apply whenever there is a job opening.  Every resume has its purpose during the hiring period and there’s one that is fit for the kind of job you want. The 7 types of resumes are;

  1. A Chronological Resume

This is also known as a reverse chronology. In a chronological resume, you list your current work experience at the top. Your recent work gets seen first in a chronological resume. This is great as your potential employer gets to see your relevant work history first, which could land you an interview.

  1. Functional Resume

This specifically displays your relevant specific skills and not the work experience.  A functional resume extensively lists all your accomplishments, objectives, resume summary, and your skills. It doesn’t have the work experience section. It’s also great if you change industries.

  1. Combination resume

This is a combination of a chronological and functional resume. It displays your relevant skills as well as your work experience and history (just as listed on a chronological resume samples.) It has a section that details your educational background, an introduction, and your details. It’s great to people with technical skills and transferable skills.

  1. Infographic resume

This kind of resume, your use virtual elements and graphics to showcase your details. It’s great for graphic designers. They can present their professional skills, work history, experience, and education background. You can demonstrate your design skills virtually.

In this kind of resume, some companies use a reading software which scans your resume and gives a verdict.

  1. A targeted resume

This resume example sarefor a target company. You send your resume to a specific company. You need to thoroughly research each company, understand their job description, and skills posted. It is great to persons that have specifications.

  1. Nontraditional resume

There are several resume samples known as non-traditional. These are; online portfolios, video resumes and personal websites. You will use the modern technology to display your skills and experiences.

You can use a non-traditional resume to apply for work online. For example, you can show off your video editing skills to your potential employer.

  1. Mini resume

A mini resume can be anything like a business card that you can carry when you’ve gotten a chance to be at an event for a specific industry. You can give out your mini resume to your potential employer and if you meet their qualifications you can get an interview and hand them any other type of resume physically.  This way you will surely secure the dream job.

Final Thoughts

You briefly have ideas on the 7 resumes samples you can choose from. All these types pf resumes can land you an interview with your hiring managers. But you need to display your skills, educational backgrounds, relevant work history, your objectives and if possible, the summaries too. With an attention-grabbing resume, you will get the Job.