1911Holster Owb: More Accessible

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OWB is the acronym for Outside the Waist 1911 holster owb, which allows the wearer to the holster on the outer area of the waist. It is most commonly known as Open Carry. This is primarily preferred in situations where the uninterrupted shooter draws and does not wish to adjust their clothing while pulling the firearm and can smoothly draw the gun from their holster. 

It is a prevalent method because of qualities like the ease of its use, more convenient drawing and more comfortable than IWB (Inside the Waistband Holster). It just takes a little effort to cover up fully; for this case, we can cover it.

Why is it better?

OWBs are generally made so that any gun part will not touch your body. So if you use guns in everyday life, it increases comfort. When someone uses an OWB, they can easily access their gun as it’s more accessible than the IWB. Sometimes we are stuck in a situation where we need to access our weapon as quickly as possible, so in such scenarios, OWB is useful.

The 1911 holster owbis also designed to be easily accessible every time. It is made of two pieces of leather stacked upon each other, like one on top of the another. 

The right style to choose

The OWB holster has been on the market for a long time. Thus, there are very different types of it present in the market. So to understand them, let us have a look at them:

  1. The Standard OWB is an all-time classic design. This type of design consists of two different pieces sewn together and mounted to the gun through a belt, just like the 1911 owb holster. They can be easily adapted for various carry positions. It is highly versatile and suitable for almost gun sizes. It provides quick speeds for drawing a gun.
  2. Another type is a Paddle Holster which, instead of a belt loop, has a big piece of plastic referred to as a paddle. The paddle secures the holster to the body by sliding inside the waistband. We can use this paddle even without a paddle. You can take off the holster in seconds which the gun holstered even when it’s in storage. 
  3. Retention Holster is also one of the OWBs that feature some other safety systems. Because of these features, it is also used in specific army units to carry weapons openly with complete safety. It is mainly designed to take and perform the duty. The retention mechanism requires some practice to move forward.

Every OWB has its advantages and disadvantages; it depends on us to make the proper selection among them according to our needs and requirements. 

A 1911 holster owb is designed in such a manner that it is easy to carry outside; it should be tailored in such a manner. It should not be exact but also rugged. It should be easy to insert and pull out and should be able to protect the ultimate gun perfectly. It should be lightweight and durable, come with a lock belt clip for safety, and be perfectly adjustable to the retention pressure.

Paul Sebastian

Paul Sebastian