Small business 101: Prevent password hacking attempts with these tips!


Contrary to many small business owners and entrepreneurs would like to believe, cybersecurity is a relevant concern for every enterprise. Hackers want data and information, and for that, they will hack networks, websites, apps, and even IP cameras. Yes, even the DVR systems and IP cameras record considerable amount of sensitive information, which hackers and cybercriminals are interested in. So, how do you reduce cameras hacked and password hacking attempts in general? We have the best tips below that will be handy for every small business. 

Reset default passwords

No matter how easy or convenient this may seem, but never allow your employees to use default passwords for an account. In fact, default passwords have to be reset immediately. The same is true for usernames. Consider changing usernames as quickly as possible. 

Share password creation rules

While there is no rule on how long passwords should be, it is acceptable to have passwords that are at least 12 characters long. Experts agree that 8-character passwords are no longer enough. Also, a password needs to be strong, for which use of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and special characters is necessary. Make sure that no two passwords are the same, and never use similar or old passwords for two accounts. 

Create multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication basically means that the user will have to use another form of authentication rather than just using the password. For instance, the user may have to use his/her fingerprint, answer a security question, or show face for detection. MFA, as it is common called, is ideal for privileged account users and networks that need extra security. 

Ask employees to use password managers

When one employee is entrusted to save and remember dozes of passwords, he is bound to make mistakes. Ensure that a password manager has been recommended to employees, and they should know how to use the same. Educating employees on password protection is necessary, and many small businesses fail on that. You have to encourage the use of a password management tool, and select one that’s reliable and has good reviews.

Use the lockout feature

The lockout feature will basically lock an account, in case someone uses a wrong password for more than a couple of times. This feature is useful for preventing forced entry into systems, and it is possible to get alerts on such attempts. 

Focus on using right passwords, and you can expect to be a step ahead of hackers. 

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How the science fiction of the past had become a reality today?

Robotic arm on a production line

If you follow earlier science fiction stories you would know that in earlier times it was thought that future machines will all be connected. Well, that future is now. This is to say that in today’s modern world you can very easily get to see that machines and electronic appliances are connected with each other. The medium through which they are generally connected is the internet. Though the medium of connection is the internet, the options available with respect to this medium is however different. One of the most widely used methods to connect an electronic machine is Ethernet. Ethernet is basically a local area network that helps the machines connect with each other. Ethernet, however, requires a mainframe in order to work.

What is gigabit ethernet and how good is it?

Now the most applied form of ethernet can be seen in industries and manufacturing plants. There it is known as the gigabit ethernet. It is because there many heavy machines are connected rather than some normal computers in general Ethernet systems. These gigabit ethernet systems not only help the heavy machines to connect with each other but they also have special scopes for innovation. One of the more sophisticated technologies known as time-sensitive networking can also be implemented on the basic ethernet system. The only thing you need to take notice of is that you need to take care of the mainframe of the ethernet system. It is important because if any fault is generated in the mainframe then it could lead to disasters. However, in order to generate a more automated system of manufacturing and production, you can very easily opt for an ethernet system as the basic system. Once you install the ethernet system, then you can opt for other major forms of automated technologies.

Learn more about Industrial technologies from online

So if you are interested in installing ethernet in your manufacturing units then make sure you get in touch with cc-link. They are the most experienced and efficient platform online to provide you with relevant information in this regard. To get in touch with them do visit their official website.

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How Much Does Google Adwords Cost?


How much does it cost to use Google AdWords? A question that moves many of our customers and cannot be answered with a blanket statement. As the official Google Partner Agency, we always strive to clarify the topic. The price depends on many factors, such as competition, quality, and scope. Some of these factors can be influenced, others not. This makes it difficult for new companies, in particular, to be able to calculate and estimate the appropriate price for an AdWords campaign.

What am I paying for?

The price of Advertising with google adwords(โฆษณา google adwords ราคา which is the term in thai) in itself does not arise. The tool and the AdWords interface can be used by anyone who has an email address and registers an account there. Usage costs only apply when people have clicked on your ad. In this case, you usually pay a so-called cost-per-click (CPC). To make it even more complicated, the cost per click is different for every ad, keyword, industry, and yet every search query. There is also the possibility to set a classic 1000 contact price (CPM) in the display network. This is known to many from the area of ​​advertisements in magazines or daily newspapers, but not always the right choice in the online space. Google does not charge any fees for creating a campaign with Google AdWords.

How much does a click on the ad cost?

Then click on an ad is primarily dependent on:

  • The competition for the keyword: the more companies want to be found for a particular keyword, the higher the price per click. The system is like an auction. The more people want to have a specific product (here then place in the search results for a keyword), the higher the price of the opponents.
  • The quality of the ads: Google assigns a so-called Quality Score (1 = bad, 10 = top) for each keyword. To put it bluntly, this is calculated from how well the keyword, the ad, and the website fit together and match the search intent of the user. Ads with a higher Quality Score are cheaper, or you have to pay less to stay in the same position than a competitor with a lower Quality Score.
  • The area in Google search: Would you like to be in first place in the search? Others want that, too, and accordingly, higher positions usually are more expensive than lower ones.
  • Sufficient budget: If your budget, which you have set for Google, is used up, the ads will no longer be displayed. Determining whether the budget is set too low can be seen from the key figures, “Share of possible impressions in the search network.” If this is less than 90%, this is usually due to an insufficient budget.

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Tips for Getting the Best Web Hosting Company for Your Money


If you are a new business and you have a new website that you need to find a hosting service for, then you should look for the following:

  • High uptime that is guaranteed
  • Server locations
  • Multiple options
  • Reviews that are good
  • Responsive support team

Many of these factors often are overlooked but these can impact your website’s uptime as well as your speed – both of which are elements that are essential for maintaining positive performance.

Overall Webhosting

Website hosting you work with will determine the overall reliability of the experience you need for the visitors to your website; your potential customers. You need a solid website hosting experience in order to prevent page timeouts or server errors, and stop users being bounced back to the search engine they used. In other words, you want a web host that supports your efforts, instead of impeding them. But you also don’t want to spend an arm or a leg paying for this service. 

In the beginning

You need to look for web hosting companies that offer cheap dedicated server 1gbps. No, this does not mean cheap equipment – but dedicated servers offered at a cheap monthly fee. And 1gbps is how fast the web hosting service should be able to provide. And of course, you need to have protection against advanced threats with web security services. Protect your website and your visitors. 

Just starting out

You should not have to pay a huge monthly fee for these services as there are many hosting services that can provide all of this for you for a very reasonable monthly fee. You also should check them out by doing research on the internet just as you should do with any company you are signing any contract with. 

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Why readers are not attracted to your blog and how to fix it

images (13)

Every blogger tries one’s best to attract as much traffic as possible. Traffic is the only way a blogger could make money. But no matter how hard some bloggers try, they still do not get much traffic. They try different methods like SEO and SMM, but nothing works for them much. What could be the potential reason for this?

Why people are not attracted to your blog

There could be a lot of reasons why most of the people are not feeling attracted to your blog. Some of them are:

  • One of the main reasons is that your ads are not attractive enough. If your ad is not appealing to the audience, they are less likely to click on it and visit your blog.
  • Another reason is that you are not optimizing your content for readability. It is hard to read your content. You are stuffing words too much.
  • You should also research what your competitors are doing to generate traffic. Maybe you are doing something wrong there. You need to find your flaws and fix them.
  • Another reason is that your content is getting irrelevant or obsolete. No one is interested in reading something that they already know.

How can you fix all this?

You can fix all these issues.

  • Optimize your ads. Hire someone who could design better ads so people would feel attracted to them.
  • Use SEO tools to make your content more readable.
  • Keep learning and researching. Find out what’s in trend and write about it. Provide new information to the people.

Hire an expert for the SEO

You should consider hiring an SEO company[บริษัท ทำ seo, which is the term in Thai] to help you with SEO. They would also help you with the content and provide quality backlinks.

Follow these steps to start attracting more people to your blog.

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Working of resume templates in designing of resume that looks great


It is well known to all that resume is one of the most important documents that one can carry when going for any of the interviews or seeking any job opportunity. It is the one that tells the person all about you. Before any interview, you have to submit your resume, and on the basis of that, only you will be called for any job opportunity. So, it is very much important that you have some knowledge about preparing the best resume for the selection in the first attempt. Without performing any other work, your qualities and knowledge can be predicted by way of your resume is prepared.

There are many people that think of submitting the bets resume in their way. But it is incomplete for any interviewer. So, it is very much important that you have to look for the best professional that can help you in preparing for your resume or if not, then you have to go through the resume templates that give you the best ideas and designing of the resume making. There are lots of people that think that they are providing sufficient information, but that was insufficient. So, by using the different types of templates, they get to know the necessary points of resume making.

Types of resume template

  1. Hybrid template: it is used when need to prepare a more focused and advanced resume by which one can easily attract towards it. Also, it follows the format of some important things that are essential for a particular position. Here are the rights series of some sections that you should add
  • Contact information
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Qualification
  • Career aim
  • References

If you follow this format, then you can easily grab the job opportunities as this is the best way to express your details, and this would be liked by every person as it is more impressive and effective.

  1. Chronological template: these are the resume templates that cover your past experiences in any work, and that also shows your performance in a particular job. It is right that if you show your job experience in a much better way, ten getting of the job is much more. This format is also the one that works like job seekers. So, here is the right sequence of different sections that you have to follow for the first time selection
  • contact details
  • carrier objective
  • awards and honors
  • academic credential
  • references

The experience section works with great dealing in every job selection. If a person has more experience and more knowledge, then it would be easy for you to grab all about another job.

  1. Functional templates: it is the one in which you can cover your bad experience in work history, or gaps in the study can also be hidden in this. There are also many jobs that don’t require any long experience and more qualifications. So, for those jobs, you follow this sequence as follows
  • Contact info
  • Key skills
  • Carrier objective
  • Personal profile details
  • References

So, these are the main steps or series that if you follow while making a resume, then your resume will be completed, and then there is no chance to miss the job opportunity if you are well trained.

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Create a great Facebook ad using a user persona

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Facebook ads are one of the best ways to generate leads and in most cases to make sales. Many new digital marketers and online sellers are getting dependent on Facebook ads more and more. Even you might have noticed a lot of Facebook ads while you were scrolling down your homepage. Can you recall which ads made you look twice or which ads made you click on them? There have been a lot of ads that you might have seen but cannot recall at all. What could be the difference between these ads?

Ads that are meant for a specific audience

If you want your ad to generate more and more leads for you, you need to make it simple and relevant. These two are the only points that you are to keep in mind when you are working on a Facebook ad. Millions of people use Facebook every day. But there are thousands of companies placing their ads to get their attention. So if your ad does not connect to them, they would just scroll past it. What should you do to grab their attention?

  • Create a user persona in your mind. Think of a person that you know or create an imaginary one. Think of that person’s life and struggle and desires. Try to create your ad in a way that would invoke emotion in that person. This is the most important thing to do here.

Hire an agency for additional help

Apart from ads, you should also always try to get organic traffic. You need to rank higher if you want to generate organic traffic to your store or blog. Try searching for a good SEO company nearby you. If you are in Bangkok, search for a good seo company bangkok. These agencies will also help you in setting up your ad. If you want to generate more leads and to convert them into sales, it is a good idea to take a helping hand.

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All types of companies require IT solutions

web site codes on computer monitor

These days’ companies have gotten so big that they lack enough space to store the important data. Also, storing the important data and files in the hard disks, memory cards, USBs and many similar devices has turned out to be negative for the businesses. Just because of natural disasters and viruses, the data is always at risk. Thus, the companies could lose a major chunk of the data if they rely on these storage devices.

Cloud servers hold an abundance of information and data from a variety of companies

So, in this way, thanks to the modern invention which came up with cloud computing. In cloud computing, there is a cloud server that holds the data and the data is in a virtual environment.

So, when you store the data on the cloud server, there is absolutely no risk of losing the data. So, you can store any amount of data with no problems whatsoever. In this way, you would be able to save a lot of IT-related costs.

Invest in cloud computing and forget about the storage devices

It happens that you invest a lot of money in buying several storage devices. There is always a greater need for storage just because each day new files come; each new data has to find space in order to get stored. So, in this way, companies look forward to buying many storage devices which cost a lot at the end of the day.

The storage devices are prone to errors

Thus, cloud computing is again a wonderful option to provide you with convenience. Thereby, reducing the costs altogether. So, you can find out the best companies that are providing this service. The company has to be cost-effective, customer friendly and most of all it should let you manage the data easily.

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Get the staple machine of household building construction- Welding machines


Whether you come from a mechanical engineer background or not it is now an evident fact that welding machine is one of that staple machines one need to have at his disposal all the time. Welding machines mainly use heat to melt the metal to the core and then only helps you to weld two metals together. Now there are different types of welding machines based on what is the energy source of the welding machine ( เครื่อง เชื่อม ,which is the term in Thai) in the first place or better to say what energy it utilizes to melt the metal it is working upon. Co2 welding machines are one of the most common forms of welding machines with greater efficiency both energetically and also from a safety point of view.

Choose the best welding machine from the wide range of welding machines from Falcon

Co2 welding machine ( เครื่อง เชื่อม co2 ,which is the term in Thai) forms one of the most basic forms of welding machine where co2 is utilized to generate heat in the first place. In Thailand there is only one company you can actually depend upon when it comes to selling of good quality welding machines and taht is falcon welding Company. The new range of Co2 welding machines works on not only steels, stainless steel, aluminum and even iron. The new range of welding machines is much more energy-efficient than its predecessors. These welding machines are light weight as well. The welding machines can be used both at construction sites and homes as well.

Visit the official website of Falcon and get the best quality welding machine online

So if you are in Thailand and wants to get your hands on the best quality welding machine then be sure to get it from falcon welding machine company. Falcon welding Company has recently launched a wide range of not Co2 welding machines and also electric and argon welding machines as well. These new range of welding machines are much more durable as well thus can be used in either heavy works at construction sites or light works at home or for DIY projects. To know more about the new range of welding machines from the house of Falcon welding machine Company do visit their official website.

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The relevance of reporting in Clickfunnels 

does-clickfunnels-works (3)

Reporting has always been the ultimate activity to get a firm grasp of the business in a precise fashion. A report will tell you which aspect of the commercial venture is running strong. It will also indicate the elements that require more focus. You need to use an advanced sales funnel software to produce a reliable report of your online business. Moreover, you must focus on clickfunnels pricing uk. The reporting feature of clickfunnels will make operating business activities less cumbersome. You have to always refer to the reports and their various sections to upgrade the business policies.

The aspects of Clickfunnels reports 

A report will primarily tell you exhaustively about the audience that visits your online business platform. It breaks down the audience in demographic terms. You find it easier to locate the individual customer from a specific region. You get bright ideas about the kind of customers who visit a particular country or state. The report also provides you data about their webpage visits and clicks. It helps you in calculating clickfunnels cost per month. You become closer to the sentiments of your customers and potential clients via reports of clickfunnels. The reports produce scopes to strengthen business policies by mending probable loopholes.

Building customer segments for the business

The reports also aim at building prominent segments for different types of customers. It is crucial to grasp the uniquely different cluster of your audience. The segments help in a way to chalk out various strategies that are specialized for each segment. The segments that the reports build provide you with hints to streamline the procedure and design the policies with a flexible format. Clickfunnels continuously support you to better the reports for achieving concrete results across the segments. More info about this is readily available.

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